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Keeping Working Parents Sane – High Profile Edition: Susan Nowroozi

Despite more businesses opening, some daycares and schools are still closed, leaving it up to parents to continue to work full-time jobs, watch and entertain children, teach them, help them with their homework…among many other things! High Profile’s “Project: Keep Working Parents Sane” checks in with a few working parents with young children. Here, they share their challenges, what’s working for them, and advice they have for other working parents.


We invited a few of our High Profile working parents to give their insight on the quarantine experience as full-time employees and parents!


Susan Nowroozi, one of our Accounting and Finance recruiters, is mom to an amazing 8-year-old girl! Susan has been with High Profile for five years. She recently gave us an inside look at her and her family’s quarantine experience. Susan tells us what she has appreciated about quarantine, what she misses about pre-COVID life, and how she and her family have adapted.

Q. What have you been grateful for during the pandemic?
A. I am grateful to spend more family time; they only stay little for so long! I am also extremely grateful to have an amazing little girl who is bright, self-sufficient, and has adapted well to her life being disrupted.

Q. What do you miss most about pre-COVID life?
A. I miss “me” time, traveling, and not having to wear a mask in public.

Q. What are you looking forward to about returning to normal?
A. I will be excited when I don’t have to homeschool my child 100% of the time, and I know she will be happy to be in class with her friends.

Q. What has been the biggest change in your daily “work” routine?
A. Not only am I a Recruiter, but now I am a Personal and Executive Assistant, Chef, Teacher, IT Help Desk, etc. to my child. My patience is tested more than ever!

Q. What has been your biggest adjustment to working from home with young kids?
A. No two days are the same, and a structured school schedule for my child doesn’t work well with a full-time working parent.  We used to have a whiteboard with her school schedule, but she would bug me when we were off schedule…especially with recess time!  I ended up erasing it and now we just go with the flow.  As long as schoolwork gets done, mom is happy and child gets to play.


We appreciate Susan’s honesty and transparency and for opening up to us about her COVID-19 experience!