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Want to Improve Your Company Culture? Here’s How

Did you know that 77%  of respondents to Glassdoor’s Mission & Culture Survey 2019 said they consider a company’s culture before applying to a role? Or that 65% of millennials and 45% of job seekers age 45 and older are more likely to care about culture over salary? Also, 89% of adults polled said having a clear mission and purpose is important for employers.

These findings show that your company culture is important in whether job seekers decide to work for you. As a result, your culture needs to be as attractive as possible to bring aboard top talent.

Discover some methods to improve your company culture to better attract and retain talent.

Company Culture and Your Workforce

A unique mission, vision, and values help attract and retain the best employees. This is especially important in a tight labor market.

Your culture differentiates your organization from other organizations. It demonstrates the meaningful work experiences you provide that your employees enjoy.

Showing off your company culture is especially important during The Great Resignation. This demonstrates the advantages job seekers have when coming to work for you. It also encourages your employees to remain long-term.

The Glassdoor survey showed that 56% of respondents prioritize workplace culture as more important than salary regarding job satisfaction. Also, 74% shared they would leave a role if the culture worsened. Plus, approximately 70% would not apply to a position unless the company’s values aligned with their values. As a result, creating the best possible culture can increase your employee attraction and retention rates.

Building Manager-Employee Relationships

Leadership provides the foundation for a meaningful employee experience. Strong relationships between managers and employees increase connections to other parts of your company culture.

Managers who serve as mentors advocate for employee development. When these managers connect their employees with development opportunities, the managers and employees feel more connected to each other.

Employees who are mentored typically form a favorable opinion of their manager. These employees feel motivated to perform their best and contribute to a larger purpose.

Managers who regularly talk with their employees help them feel appreciated, supported, and respected. Creating a sense of belonging to the organization contributes to strong company culture.

Recognizing Employee Accomplishments

Expressing appreciation for employee achievements encourages continuous performance at high levels. This appreciation includes what an employee accomplished, their actions, the results they attained, and how they impacted the organization.

Prioritizing employee appreciation increases engagement, productivity, and retention. These factors elevate collaboration, job satisfaction, and career advancement. The result is positive company culture.

Need Help to Improve Company Culture?

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