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Welcome to the Company – Now What?

When companies hire new employees, they often neglect to think past the first day of work for the new staff member.  However, many experts believe that you can reduce turnover by following a few new hire retention tips.  The upswing in the economy is creating new positions, which means new employees. Therefore, it is important to know what to do when the new hire arrives. 

Plan Ahead

One new hire retention tip is to develop a comprehensive approach to bringing on new hires beyond just a simple orientation.  Training can actually begin during the hiring process.  Send any company paperwork that the new employee will need to sign, along with the formal offer of employment.  This will eliminate the need for a new staff member to spend time on their first day filling out forms.  Instead, they can focus on being trained.  Arrange a section of your website where new employees can access forms and documents.

Be Sure Email, Computer Access and Programs are Ready

Having all the electronic requirements of the job ready for the new employee is another new hire retention tip.  Be sure the new staff member has an email account set up and ready to use, and that their workstation or office is ready. This includes having a working computer with all required programs installed, and having all usernames and passwords readily available.   By making sure that the new employee has instant access to the tools necessary to complete the job, you will make that person feel more at home and like an important member of the company family.

Do Not Overwhelm on the First Day

Many companies throw too much information at new employees on the first day.  Change is already stressful enough, so try to reduce the amount of information thrown out on the first day.  Give the new employee(s) a tour of the office, making sure to point out simple things like the locations of photocopiers, fax machines and restrooms.  The ideal orientation for a new employee should last beyond the first day and, in fact, past the first week.  Ideally, it is good to have an orientation that lasts over several months, establishing a good rapport with the employee and assigning a team mentor to help them slowly adjust to your corporate climate.

By offering new employees an extensive orientation and training system, you are more likely to experience less turnover and a happier staff.  For more information on new hire retention tips, visit