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Insights Into What Job Seekers Are Looking for This Year

With any luck, we’re starting to move into a post-pandemic world, and that has a big impact on the world of job hunting and hiring. High Profile’s The Future of Work survey has some key insights into what job seekers are looking for, and that information is especially important as 2022 rolls on. Keep reading to learn more about what job seekers are interested in as we come out of the pandemic and continue moving forward. 

Job Seeker Data That Can Help Your Hiring Plans

What kind of jobs are job seekers interested in? 

When job seekers were asked what kind of role they would be most interested in, the results were split fairly evenly. 54% said they are interested in direct hire roles or a permanent position with employers. The remaining 46% are open to contract or contract-to-hire opportunities (those that begin on a temporary basis but have the potential to become permanent).  

When job seekers were asked whether they’d be open to one-day contract assignments, the results were: 

  • 59% – it would depend on the company, the location, and the pay 
  • 26% – no, they only want week-long assignments or longer 
  • 15% – yes, they’re open to any contact assignments regardless of length 

What kind of pay are they looking for? 

Of course, pay is a big factor in today’s job market. When job seekers surveyed were asked what kind of pay would incentivize them to accept a contract role, the median response was between $25 and $30 an hour. Considering that the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25 an hour as of 2022, employers should note that job seekers expect to be paid well above that. You’ll need to be offering almost four times the federal minimum wage to your candidates if you expect to be competitive. 

How does COVID factor in? 

Even as certain COVID requirements and restrictions ease, there’s no denying that the pandemic still plays a role. Surveyed job seekers were asked if they would be willing to pursue an opportunity that requires the COVID-19 vaccine. The results were as follows: 

  • 64% – Yes 
  • 31% – No
  • 5% – Possibly 

If you require the vaccine for your jobs, most workers won’t have a problem with it. But take note that some may push back – it’s something to consider when you’re thinking about talent acquisition and hiring. 

Ready to Hire? 

If you’re looking for help finding top talent as 2022 rolls on, let High Profile help. Contact us by calling 972-991-7900 or visiting us online. And check out The Future of Work for more great insights. 

If you would like to view the data from High Profile’s The Future of Work survey, click here to download the survey results.  

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