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What Might the Future of the Administrative Professional Look Like?

As with most jobs, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the future of the administrative professional. The increasing use of this technology is taking over routine, time-consuming tasks.

As a result, administrative professionals have more time to focus on higher-level tasks. These tasks let the professionals provide more value for an organization.

Discover how AI may impact what the future of the administrative professional might look like.

Repetitive Tasks Will Be Automated

Tasks such as scheduling meetings, booking travel arrangements, making reservations, and typing memos and letters will be handled by AI. Automating these tasks will allow administrative professionals to take on higher-level responsibilities that only humans can fulfill.

For instance, AI-powered personal assistants will be used to schedule meetings. Also, voice recognition software will be used to type and send messages. The software also will optimize grammar and translate messages into other languages.

Administrative Professionals Will Be the First Points of Contact

Future administrative professionals will handle phone calls, direct employees and company visitors, and control access to managers and executives. These professionals also will manage schedules and serve as sounding boards for company leaders. Because technology alone cannot handle these activities, administrative professionals will be essential office employees.

Administrative Professionals Will Handle Specialized Tasks

Administrative professionals of the future will undergo specialized training to develop their interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with AI. These professionals also will increase their understanding of data to enhance the value they provide employers:

  • Knowledge and application of data analytics will help administrative professionals understand the capabilities and limitations of big data.
  • A basic understanding of programming skills will let these professionals customize how the data gets analyzed.
  • This customization will personalize the benefits of the technology for the company.

For instance, an administrative professional might input basic information about a meeting, such as the number of attendees, venue options, timing, and catering requirements, into a specialized meeting planning algorithm. Then, an AI-powered digital assistant could access the attendees’ schedules and publicly available personal data to reserve the meeting room and order catering.

Using AI will help the administrative assistant avoid making logistical or financial mistakes. Also, having a human oversee the process will provide a personal touch.

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