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Breaking the Ice with Your New Co-workers: The Dos and Don’ts

Starting a new job is always stressful – no one likes being the new kid on the block. Whether you’re a direct hire or a contract employee, getting along with your co-workers is vital to job satisfaction. So, you’re the new administrative assistant – you want to make sure you know everyone by name. If you’ve just been hired in the accounting department, it’s essential you understand the needs and habits of employees in each department. Maybe you’re a recent addition to the HR team – interpersonal rapport can effect your position the most.

Here are several “dos and don’ts” to help you get to know your co-workers, while establishing your reputation and making a strong first impression on the job.

Do: Be reliable

Many people think being reliable simply means being on time. You show up when you should and you meet deadlines when you should. However, especially as a contract employee, you’ll need to go beyond that. Being reliable also means having the facts correct and an unshakable understanding of company policy. Offering to help co-workers out when they are overwhelmed helps build rapport and break the ice.

Don’t: Be unenthusiastic

If you want this to turn into a direct hire job, then you’ll need to act like it – now. If you treat this job as just another way to make money, your lack of enthusiasm could play against you. Engage with your co-workers in the break room, at lunch and in any other shared space. Find ways to support management’s goals, and don’t shy away from helping part-time workers and assistants. Be proactive at coming up with solutions to mission-critical problems. Be excited to be a part of the company and your co-workers will start to feel excited about you.

Do: Attempt to connect

Networking inside and outside an organization is a great way to break the ice and build your reputation. Interact with the best workers and engage with management on a one-on-one basis. Show up to meetings early and engage in small talk, ask about interests and investigate potential opportunities. Keep these connections open with all your contacts, even when you are no longer looking for a job.

Don’t: Talk only about yourself

If you want to break the ice with your co-workers, ask questions and show interest in their jobs and lives. Start by inquiring what they do at the organization and how long they’ve been there. People constantly reveal information about themselves, so pay attention. Look at bumper stickers in the parking lot and pictures on desks. If someone has a cat coffee mug, ask him or her about pets. Engage by appearing interested in not just who they are, but also what they do.

Fitting in with your work environment not only improves your morale, it also makes you more productive and engaged. It’s easier to like what you do when you enjoy who you’re doing it with. If you’re ready to find that perfect fit, there are plenty of employment opportunities through High Profile Staffing. Our elite staffing recruiters can get you started on your next career path. Contact us today!