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The LUMINI Network Conference: High Profile’s Key Highlights and Takeaways

On Friday, September 22nd, our CEO, Bronwyn Allen, and our VP of Client Services, Callie Miller, spoke at the annual LUMINI Network Conference.

Bronwyn gave an impactful presentation on “Maximizing Your Potential,” and Callie participated in a panel discussion providing insights on the current job market for administrative professionals. Below are our key highlights and takeaways:

  • It takes concentrated efforts to maximize your potential, personally and professionally!
    • Create habits that support your goals, cultivate an inner circle who can help you grow and succeed, and embrace uncertainty.
    • Feedback – both giving and receiving – is key to maximizing your potential.
  • Find opportunities where you can excel and grow your skill set!
    • Make the case to your team why it’s key to your development and will drive your (and their) success.
    • To earn your “seat at the table,” determine ways you are invaluable to your Executive and capitalize on those to show that you deserve to be in the important conversations.
  • The Executive Assistant title is ever-evolving…if you make it evolve!
    • Ask yourself, “does my title reflect my responsibilities?” The responsibilities of the EA role are vast and it is difficult to capture them all under one title (operations, project management, event planning, and communications, just to name a few).
    • Consult with your Executive on your title; get their opinions and feedback, and if possible, creatively brainstorm potential titles that expand the scope of your role.
  • Often times, the Executive Assistant’s high emotional intelligence (EQ) greatly contributes to their Executive’s success!
    • Given the typically elevated EQ of those in the EA role, there is the potential for the EA to be a confidante, problem-solver, and empathetic lens for their Executive.
    • It’s not uncommon for the EA role to be the “voice for improvement” to their Executive as they often end up being the “eyes and ears” of the organization. They can bring things to light the Executive may not be aware of.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to grow, even if you have a champion of your success!
    • Be a life-long learner; the only constant is change, so always show initiative and a desire to learn more than you think the role requires. Raise your hand and volunteer for things to expand your skill set and show your value.
    • Delegate and elevate: determine what tasks/responsibilities are able to be delegated so you can have more time for new responsibilities; this also gives others the opportunity to learn new things.


LUMINI is the first professional membership community for EAs dedicated to making their C-Suite executives more productive. Registration is now open for their 2024 LUMINI Network Conference (October 9-11, 2024).


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