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Preparing for Your First Interview With a Recruiter

You applied for the opening about a month ago and you still haven’t heard back. Your anxiety is growing and you’re starting to feel like this job search has been going on for years. So, how do you get a leg up on the applicant process?  It might be time for a recruiter.

For many job seekers, especially new ones, simply just starting the job search can be quite intimidating. A recruiter can help you hone in on new opportunities. They bring the openings right to you and pitch you to the client. Instead of sending your resume and hoping it gets read, you have a direct line of communication to a company’s HR decision makers. When you’re ready to partner with a staffing firm, you’ll need to interview with them, just like you would for a job opening. Here are a few ways to prepare for that initial interview.

Know your ideal work environment.

Your recruiter needs an understanding of your ideal workplace in order to match you with a good fit. They want to place you in a company with the type of conditions you need in order to be most productive. If you’re placed in a company that’s a wrong fit, it reflects poorly on the recruiter’s reputation. Be sure you give a clear idea of your values, work ethic and level of commitment.

Explain, in detail, your greatest achievement.

A recruiter needs to ‘sell’ you to a company. The best way to do this is to show how you solve problems, create solutions and improve business. This gives you the chance to go into a little more detail about your work history, emphasizing the successes you’ve had along the way. Think carefully about what you consider an achievement, as this will ultimately show the recruiter what you consider important.

Understand your career goals.

Some applicants are interested in a simple job and some are looking for a career; your recruiter needs to know which one you are. If you want to commit to one company, be sure the recruiter knows you’re looking for direct hire placement. If you want to explore various opportunities through contract positions, your recruiter can help there, too. Be honest about your career plans so you get the experience you want out of this partnership.

Illustrate how you will impact overall success.

Show the recruiter how you will be beneficial to his or her client, as well as to the staffing firm itself. Take the time to explain how you can see this opportunity fills a need with a company and fits into the big picture. Convey that you have control over your responsibilities, which can influence the success of your department, as well as the company as a whole.

We know the job search can be time consuming and overwhelming for active job seekers. Over the years, the experienced recruiters at High Profile Staffing have helped countless candidates get connected to companies looking to fill highly sought-after positions. Give us a call today and we’ll help to get you working toward a career path that suits your individual needs and goals.