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Tips on Leaving Work Behind on Your Next Vacation

When you head out on a vacation, it is important you find ways to clear your mind so you can truly relax. Whether you are involved in a job search or focused on a career you love, it can sometimes be hard to turn it off and just unwind on a trip. Leaving work behind is essential to refreshing, recharging and avoiding burnout, so it is worth the effort to not bring work along on your trip.

So, how can you clear your mind?

  • Plan your workflow in advance. You know when you will be headed out on your trip, so plan several weeks, or even several months, in advance so your big projects will be done and you won’t leave any tasks unfinished. Make a list of what has to be completed in the week before you go away and put aside things that can wait so you finish every essential task. When you leave with a finished to-do list, you won’t be worried about lingering projects on your vacation.
  • Agree on your accessibility. Talk with your boss and clients and let them know when you will and won’t be accessible. For example, if you will answer important email questions in the morning before you head out or have your phone on early but turn it off in the afternoon, establish your policy in advance and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Keep your email off while relaxing. When you are lounging by the pool or on the beach, or otherwise participating in vacation activities, resist the urge to check your email or check in at the office. Your company can survive without you for a few hours a day so you can unwind. 

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