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Soft Skills to Look For in Your Next Administrative Talent Hire

Everyone knows that a great administrative employee needs the “hard” skills like computer literacy, knowledge of billing and invoicing, and some basic bookkeeping experience. But what about the equally important soft skills?

Here are five key soft skills to look for in your next administrative hire:

Communication Skills

Any great administrative assistant is a top-notch communicator. After all, they’ll be corresponding with everyone from the manager and other team members to customers and vendors. Often, the administrative employee will be serving as the voice of a department, or even the entire company. Make sure your next hire is well-versed in communication across all channels.


In the administrative world, things can change at a moment’s notice. That’s why any administrative hire needs to have a good measure of flexibility. Whether it’s a new project deadline, an unexpected series of meetings, or a big client coming in on short notice, your administrative hire should be able to process and adapt to change quickly.

Organizational Skills

A big part of what your business will rely on the administrative team for is organization across the company. This includes organization in the physical realm—filing, inventory, the supply cabinet, etc.—as well as in the digital realm.  Schedules, events, and departmental calendars all need proper organizing too, and those responsibilities may very well fall to your next administrative hire.

Time Management Ability

Another crucial soft skill for an excellent administrative employee is great time management. They’ll often be pulled in multiple directions at once, fielding demands from various team members or departments. The administrative hire must be able to manage their own time effectively to meet all of those demands and keep everything running smoothly.

Forward-Thinking Tendencies

The best administrative hires will have an innate ability to anticipate what’s needed next, rather than simply be told what to do every time. Try to pick an administrative hire that has demonstrated the ability to look ahead and take initiative — it’s something that will prove invaluable to the company on many levels.

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