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What Are Your Priorities When Looking for a Job This Year?

Are you looking for a new opportunity this year? You’ll always want to consider the obvious considerations, like pay rate, benefits, and career trajectory. But there are plenty of other factors to keep in mind, too. And choosing what to prioritize and what to be flexible on can help you decide what job is the best fit for you.  

Here are some top priorities beyond pay and perks to think about this year:  

Feeling Valued and Appreciated 

It can’t be understated how important it is to feel valued and appreciated by the company you work for. If you feel like nothing more than a cog in the machine every day, it will start to wear you down—fast. Whether the company shows its appreciation through public recognition, regular bonuses, a simple “thank you” from management, or all of the above, knowing that you’ll feel valued is vital.  

Liking Your Team Members 

There’s nothing worse than not enjoying the company of your coworkers or going to a toxic work environment every day. This year, prioritize joining a team that you love working with. You’ll find that not only do the days fly by, but you’re looking forward to achieving goals and seeing what your team can accomplish next.  

Making a Difference 

Do you feel that the work you do makes a difference? This is another key area to prioritize when considering a new position. And your job doesn’t have to change the world—it can be the smallest difference, but make sure to think about how much you value your work’s impact on others. 

Being Challenged 

Are you looking to be challenged in your next role, or would you prefer to play it safe? Either path is fine—just think about what you want out of your job and where you want to take your career next. It’s important to evaluate a job ahead of time for the positive challenges and career improvements it can offer you.  

Loving What You Do 

Regardless of your industry, you want to make sure you enjoy what you do every day. You don’t want to dread going into the office daily because you’ll quickly become burnt out. Ask yourself what you love to do, and then determine if your current job and the next one you’re considering align with that passion.  

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